About Us

We’ve been working together for over 30 years as professional nature and wildlife photographers based in Colorado. We’ve captured over 150,000 images from Canada to Ecuador, from Yellowstone to the Florida Everglades doing what we love; communing with nature with cameras in hand.

We’ve been fortunate in having been published world-wide in both books and magazines, calendars, greeting cards and posters, educational materials and field guides. Our last major project, A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica, published by Oxford University Press is now on sale at major bookstores here and abroad. The book is the culmination of field work which took the better part of 14 years throughout the great country of Costa Rica.

Although we actually claim no specialties other than a serious passion for wilderness and wildlife; we photograph anything that catches our eyes in the great outdoors to share the world with others….. And now we’d like to share a few of our thoughts and observations with all of you.


Barbara Magnuson & Larry Kimball

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs [Cynomys ludovicianus]

4 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. Hi David, Thanks for asking but actually we don’t have a Facebook page. Tried it out briefly a while back but didn’t like making viewers signup just to “like” our page. But alas, we may change that again given that we all live in a social network world. Stay tuned.
      Best regards! Barb


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