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The Procession

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

Procession Panel, 179 anthropomorphic figures with other creatures such as deer, a snake, bighorn sheep with possible dogs, coyotes or wolves

No one knows if they traveled for a day, a week, months or generations.  No one knows if they were coming here to this canyon, this sand and red rock desert or if they recorded a journey, a migration to a distant place.  No one knows how many of them moved across this land with their possessions, with their culture and myths, with the knowledge that allowed them more than just survival.  The knowledge that empowered them to build palaces of rock and adobe with their whitewashed plaster interior walls, still  standing after hundreds of years.  Their history carved in stone long before there was a Utah .

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

View of the Procession Panel and environment

There are theories of course, some believe the people depicted are clans coming to a great kiva from different directions for a ritual or event.  Or that the panel doesn’t represent an actual event but instead depicts cultural concepts.  There is a belief that the creators of these pictographs were early pueblo people, perhaps Basket Maker III, dating back about 1,300 years ago.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

Bighorn and canine with possible atlatl, hunting scene? The five figures in the center may be torch bearers.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

Possible Birdhead Shaman, one of several in the procession.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

Shamans or clan leaders with ceremonial staffs, one a “birdhead” .

We arrived in spring to explore and to find a story that was written on sandstone.  On a previous trip we had gotten close to the Procession Panel site, looking for but missing, as it turns out, by a few yards, 50 maybe 100.  Then the wind was a living thing, trying to blast us from the ridge, keeping us hunkered, sometimes on hands and knees.  You have to want something with a passion that will stop at nothing, the will to power through no matter the price. Then the wind was stronger, a protective fierceness for the ancient ones.  But this trip the wind was somewhere else and we found the mystery on the cliff face.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

Butler Wash is down beyond the shadowed hill.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge

It is not a difficult hike, maybe 1&1/2 miles one way, a climb of perhaps 500 to 600 feet across slickrock and washes.  Typical Comb Ridge terrain.

Procession Panel, Comb Ridge




Official stand by WHWF on the killing of an endangered Black Rhino.


The word ‘Conservation’ means the following:

1. The act or process of conserving.

2. Preservation or restoration from loss, damage, or neglect.

3. The protection, preservation, management, or restoration of
wildlife and of natural resources such as forests, soil, and water.

Conservation most certainly does not mean the exploitation and sensationalizing of the trophy hunting of a Black Rhino which people all over the world are desperately trying to protect and save from extinction. (more…)

Brush Strokes

Patterns on sandstone, Butler Wash

Mineral stains, Butler Wash, Utah

The Colorado Plateau is a pretty dry place.  A desert to most.  Maybe 8″ of precip in many areas.  The water, when it comes, moves the meager mineral soils in surprising ways.  Gravity, wind and capillary action can make a plain rock wall into a canvas of beauty that would be at home in a fine art gallery. (more…)