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By all accounts…..

Yeah, by all accounts 2017 was a wretched year.  2018 seems no better.  I have been at turns sad, angry, disappointed, bitter, troubled, enraged and a slew of other descriptors I won’t trouble you with.  Trump and his band of destroyers will do that to a person.

Common Merganser [Mergus merganser]

On a high mountain lake in Colorado we happened on this group of juvenile Common Mergansers, common in name only.

Redhead Duck  [Aythya americana]

Same lake, Redhead duck female and her clutch of little ones.

Rocky Mt. Bighorn Sheep [Ovis canadensis]

Sometimes, just being out there, the unexpected happens. Near that same lake a band of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep was feeding on a hill-side. Ewe and lamb of the year.

Rocky Mt. Bighorn Sheep [Ovis canadensis]

Sheep have a sense of curiosity, sometimes it backfires…..this ewe did extricate herself from this embarrassing situation.

I find solace in the natural world, always have but I find an even greater need for the wonder and joy in the views and lives of a world untroubled by the madness we are otherwise surrounded by.  Sadly, we have to ask, how long will we have even this?  With the ongoing attacks on public land here in the US to the assaults on the Endangered Species Act and all wildlife which can have world-wide affects, we all need to find that space in peace or beauty that can heal.

Sandhill Crane [Grus canadensis]

Dance like no one is watching.

Sandhill Crane [Grus canadensis]

Keep dancing,

Sandhill Crane [Grus canadensis]

and keep dancing.

Sandhill Crane [Grus canadensis]

A tender moment, Sandhill Cranes

Nuttall's Cottontail Rabbit [Sylvilagus nuttallii]

Bunnies talkin’ it over.

Mountain Goat [Oreamnos americanus]

Mountain Goat kid munching on Cinquefoil. Mt. Evans is the go to for Mtn. Goats in Colorado, this isn’t Mt. Evans. A little research might get you away from the crowd. No, I’m not giving the location, but it is in Colorado.

Mountain Goat [Oreamnos americanus]

Mtn. Goats shed….a lot.

Ducks flying into sunrise

Sunrise geese

American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana)

Contentious American Avocets

Beauty is still out there, we just have to find it.  And protect it.


Black and White

Yellowstone Church, IR Filter, B&W

Old Yellowstone Church, Colorado,  color converted to B & W  with addition of IR preset in Lightroom

Black and white photography allows us to catch a glimpse of something different, colors are replaced by shades and gradations, a million grays, pure whites, blacks and shadows so deep you can get lost in them. Read the rest of this page »

Preening Eagle

Bald Eagle [Haliaeetus leucocephalus]

Perched and waiting…..

Spring is here, the cranes are in the Valley so we took a trip down to check things out. Not many ducks around yet, the cranes were in various areas of the Monte Vista National Wildlife refuge but most stayed way out of range. Read the rest of this page »

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