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Bighorns in the Canyon

Rocky Mt. Bighorn Sheep [Ovis canadensis]

Watching a bighorn dance down a nearly vertical wall can take your breath away.  Drop to an invisible knob of rock, hold there for a split second, turn slightly and drop to another nearly invisible ledge, turn again on one hoof and find yet another place for hoof and balance to work with and against gravity. With hooves built for walking or running on rock, hard bony outer ridge protecting an inner softer pad , grips, wedges and holds the dancer going up or down.  Bighorns, like cats, can turn in midair to land on their feet. (more…)

Why here……

What was it about this spot, a place, at least to my eye that is unremarkable and much like other areas up and down this canyon. Yet here are images of the past etched in and painted on the canyon wall.

Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel panorama in Sego Canyon, Utah