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Seeing is the Essence

Attuned to desert light we travel to find the phenomenal, the remarkable…. the traveling is easy, the finding a little less so. Not that the landscape isn’t cooperating, showing us colors and shapes that are what we are looking for. The trick is to interpret what we see into an image that allows others to feel at least a bit of what we found attractive.

Willis Creek Canyon narrows


Spring in the Canyon Country

Morning light; Colorado National Monument, Colorado

Colorado National Monument is positioned  in the north-east part of the Colorado Plateau, that big chunk of canyon country that Ed Abbey so eloquently wrote the praises of.  It sits west of Grand Junction, Colorado and north-east of Moab, Utah, its dry country, bisected by some great gulch topography, vertical sandstone walls, hot in summer and cold in winter.  Spring is pretty close to perfect, especially if you come from country not yet released from winters drab cold.  We arrived in late afternoon with warm light on the rock walls, red, buff, salmon and all gradations between.   A few electric blue Penstemons were blooming under the ridge of a rocky hogback, along with radiant carmine Paintbrush, next to a beautiful purple Milk Vetch.