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A Digression

In the last post I said there would be more posts about a recent trip to Ecuador and they are coming, but first, a slight detour.  Hope you don’t mind.

A snow storm of white geese at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

A snow storm of white geese at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge



Lions in Winter

The light is fading, it’s snowing over the Sangre de Cristo mountains to our south and west. The sun has dropped behind those snow clouds and its cold, 10 degrees fahrenheit and slowly dropping with a soft breeze, ok a breeze with that temperature is anything but soft. I’m out here looking for three cats that our neighbor had described over the phone as 3 or 4 times the size of a house cat, solid tan color but with a dark band down the back and over the tail, and yes, the tail was quite long. I suspect Mountain Lion but 3 small ones?

Mountain Lion [Felis concolor] cub waiting for mom's return

Mountain Lion [Felis concolor] cub waiting for mom’s return


Cougar: on sighting the ghost of the forest

It is laying there among large gray boulders in the dappled shade, body relaxed, yet alertly watching as we sit among autumn colored wild roses with their bright red rose hips.  A distance away to be sure, yellow Aspen and Willows coloring the gray boulders, a small waterfall nearby.  Mountain Lion, there is no other  animal in our mountains that says “wild” as these big cats do.  While traveling back roads in western Colorado, looking for some jaw-dropping autumn scenery  Barb said something like “There! Its a, a, stop! See it? Stop, it’s a…..Stop!”  OK, you get it, and no, she isn’t usually incoherent, I stopped but ol’ Eagle Eye here didn’t see the Lion in the tawny grass of the road side.  It quickly disappeared down the steep slope to our left and even though having stopped, I had only a small glimmer of hope that we might get a very brief view of the cat moving off through the trees.   Across the space of  a small mountain canyon, below us was the lion.  To see a Puma, Cougar,  Mountain Lion, Catamount, Painter, and whatever else people call these big , solitary cats is rare and is usually a very brief flash in the headlights.

Sleepy Cat